Saturday, September 19, 2009

my very first post

about 1 month has passed, since the last sem started.
so many dreams me n my friends have on their minds which were to b completed with in this sem.
writin this blog is one of thm..thank God...!!! i just com up with this...i was going short of last sem of the degree is goin all the frnz is havin a diffrnt type of thrills in their hearts.
hearts r brimmed with the tsunamis of different type of feelings.
i had a dream to b on the top most position of any society in the college when i was in very first year.
i used to watch the society heads as i move about in the college.
i just got a position of chief coordinator of efg(eco-friendly group) just two weekks ago.
now b at the same a great feeling...haaan absolutly a difficult job also to
organize all the things according to the plan...
as this is my first post on the blog... so if there is any mistake do tell me pls.


  1. hhmmm, nice post ... yaar txt edit kar lya kar , like bold , or diferet colors for imp. words ....

    anyways , nice and congrats co-ordinator saab