Monday, August 27, 2012

'Midnight Lover'

Chilled drizzle, wet roads, humid breeze, silent midnight and among all these nature’s romantic attributes, there he sat on an old-wooden bench under a small shed, with a skimpy smile on his face, with the thoughts about meeting his lover, that churned his heart out.

Hundreds of miles away from his lover, in wee hours of midnight, all he can do is dream about her, how she would be, how she would be looking, what she would be dreaming.

Remembering all the moments when they both were together, enjoying every second of being in love though they never expressed their love through words but only through eyes.

All through these years, he has always stood by her side. He never even thought of any mis-happening to her. It was all going smooth and simple but life is not just as smooth and simple. It has its own ups and downs. Heavens! some mis-happening happened. Suddenly they were apart. First physically, then mentally and finally emotionally. It seemed all the love has been lost. Now they both were apart. All he owns now is his wonderful past memories that he carried with him all the time.

His dream-series was contaminated by sudden heavy downpour, in that silent midnight. There was heavy noise of raindrops striking hard on the road just as a storm-stroke in his love-life, disturbing his smooth and simple love-life.

And, gathering up all her memories & dreams, he stood up and gets ready to face the storm.

Don’t be sad that it's over, be proud and happy that it happened.

Love !!


  1. You've really got some writing talents there!
    So sad and sentimental. Are you missing your S girl?

  2. Thanks You Mabel. I dont miss her much now. I am over.

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  4. Reality or fact...dnt my frnd charan told me to visit his blog...n dis s d first one I speechless..