Thursday, June 13, 2013

High on The Highway - 2

After quite long time, I am writing this blog post. Incidentally I was reading my older posts few days back and was amazed by reading this old post written about 4 years back.High on highway.

Which was about two incidents happened in my life. One was while I was high on the highway under alcohol influence with one of my friend accompanying me, which the general discussion with him became the start of one of my wonderful phase of life as one another wonderful friend entered my life.  While the other was about some misunderstanding happened between that wonderful person and me which resulted into that wonderful friend being going away from me. So my motive was not to describe again those here! But to the write further about it.   The relation with that wonderful person really took a toll on me over these years and I really felt I am wandering with beer cans in my hand on the long highway of this life, sometime with wonderful  person along with  me or sometime all alone.

Life is like that highway only. You have to move lonely sometimes or sometimes someone may accompany you, But you don’t know which someone may put a permanent impressions over your heart, feelings and mind. While on the highway of life, nobody will walk permanently with you because we all have different highways. But these wonderful personalities may cut your path many times in your life only to make you feel that you can’t live without them and you can have them with you & you fall In love with them only to keep you waiting until they meet you again. You will always be in continue search of them when they will meet you again.
Life’s biggest mantra is to keep on walking the highway while waiting for those wonderful personalities to cut your path.Dont expect them to join your highway. Keep on waiting while walking so that may keep you inspired throughout your journey.

Happy Walking!

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