Saturday, April 4, 2015

Randomness and Laziness

I have been quite lazy in posting on this blog.Not that I am lazy in updating this blog, I am hell lot of lazy in my normal life also(not a good thing, I know). I have been facing quite randomness in my life since last few months. I may like something one day and next day, I get bored of it.There has been quite a lot a stories grown up like this in last few months.
I did like listening to music.At a time, few years back, I was so into music, that if I like a song, I would try memorizing the lyrics of the song by playing it for hours.
Now, my laziness hovers me.I don't listen to music.If I do listen, then it keep on moving itself.I lost track of what is being played.
During my college life, I do like reading books.If you ask me any question about any book that I read during that time, it is highly probably that I remember about it.
Now my book shelf is growing with unread books.If I do read any of book, I lost track of it next day what had happened there.
I have been quite struggling to come out of this thing.Hope I would be back on track and will start updating blog regularly.

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