Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The fire starts Burning !

I have been influenced with a new found hobby in me these days, to be a backpacker.
I am amazed how some people explore unknown places alone all through the world.
I am amazed with the new possibilities that remain unexplored while we keep on sitting at home almost doing nothing.
The first place that has totally blasted my mind,soul and heart is Jaisalmer.It is since I read a travelogue about Rajasthan few months back.The author has described beautifully how he spent his night in tent in desert where there was not any other single person to the view apart from the camp members.Since reading this I have been feeling ticklings inside my mind to feel the raw nature in the desert without any man-made resource influence.
Hopefully, soon I will be backpacking in this remote area and will definitely update my experience here.
Till then
Rab Rakha !

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