Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The visit to a lesser known place is always a little more enthusiastic that a known place. Probably, the fact the we know something about the known place and have the privilege of some comfort. Last week, I was a part of walk group, which was organized as part of Delhi Walk festival. It was to walk in a lesser known place of Delhi, known as Satpula Lake Complex.

Satpula was a dam which was constructed in 14th century during Tughlak Dynasty and was part of fourth city of Delhi. It was basically used for harvesting and irrigation.The place was very peaceful and quieter than the outer world, given to the fact it is next to traffic cludded road and a mega mall Select City on the other side of the road.Apart from it, there was one newly constructed , but unused, amphitheater.

The walk group roamed about for some time then move forward to the Khirki extension nearby where there is an old mosque, which is known to be a one of its type in the north India.Roaming about in the narrow lanes of the Khirki extension, it felt like to be in another world. Some of the houses had only a cloth in the doorway serving as the main door.

I could not click any photos there as it was dark and my phone kept crying about battery.:(

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